DIVERTO QS 100 is an on-road (Tractor T1) 40 km/h certified working machine platform that combines 4 main functions:
– Tractor, with on-road approved trailer towing
– 360 degree rotating excavator
– 360 degree rotating loader
– 360 degree rotating boom mower
The avarage performancec level per function is 90% of dedicated purposed designed 1-function machines with exceptional comfort for the operator with a high degree of visibility and safety. Two functions can be used simultaneously, also remote controlled. A total of 200 tools/attachments can be connected, making it the most versatile tool carrier on the market today.
The QS 100 empowers the operator and gives him/her the freedom to work with exceptional flexibility for maximum utilized hours per year throughout all seasons. Latest emission technology and service acces is incorporated. A passenger seat is provided for 2-person team operations. Markets: Municipalities, Landscaping, Urban Infrastructure and Construction, Road Side Maintenance, Forestry, Winter Service/Snow Removal.

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