Until now the topic of design and aesthetics was virtually neglected in the field of truck bodies. In developing our new DUROLITE® body CoolerBox2.0 we considered a variety of factors, including the experience of the user as well as our own, and consolidated them using the term ‘efficiency’ as our focal point. This fusion of viewpoints is reflected in the features of the CoolerBox2.0 so that our design truly shows that ‘form follows function’:
The smooth surfaces of the side walls seamlessly blend into the bulkhead in an optimised 100mm-radius: improved aerodynamics, dramatically reduced drag coefficient (up to 30%), fuel consumption (up to 3,9L/100km) and CO2 emissions.
The fittings on tailgate and side-doors as well as the front lighting elements are flush with the surface, inset or completely built in, resulting in improved aerodynamics, theft protection and handling; smooth, ‘clean’ surfaces without any disruptive elements spell out hygiene and allow for effective market branding because of enhanced labeling possibilities.
The visually elegant CoolerBox2.0 stands head and shoulders above the standard truck bodies currently available in the refrigeration vehicle industry.

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