Arbos 5130 – an open field tractor powered by 4-cylinder Kohler engine Tier IV F up to 136 HP and a semi-powershift synchronized gearbox – has a captivating, modern and distinctive style designed for the global market.
The monolithic bonnet is the characteristic feature of the front end with the built-in headlight strip framing the logo and with the pearlescent white side panels that create an harmonious contrast with the green Arbos livery. The “shark gill” slits in the side panels is designed to optimize outflow and accentuate the overall aggressive look. The bonnet lines extend without a break into the cab, in which a typical automotive environment is well recognizable: the cab design is based on a cutting-edge engineering approach with a structure that distributes stresses over the entire surface, making it safer and optimizing the weight/power ratio, thanks to a weight that is one third lower than traditional solutions.

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