The APH 110-95 is part of the new design line for all Ammann machines. By its water-cooled 3-cylinder diesel engine combined with the patented triple-shaft exciter system this high performance compactor generates the highest power of all hand guided compactors worldwide, comparable to a roller with a weight of 17 tons.
The integrated compaction measurement system ACEecon shows the actual degree of compaction. That leads to a maximized performance of the machine.
Despite its high weight the compactor has an amazing maneuverability. In combination with the vibration-insulated handlebar the operator is able to work fatigue-free. The bonnet opens tool-free for easy access for service and maintenance.
Coated in the Ammann typical colour combination, the machine carries the new Ammann brand sign on its black front face. The side view of the machine is characterized by the significant dividing line between frame, hydraulic tank and bonnet as well as by the dynamically rising chamfer.
The design of the compactor underlines how powerful, robust and reliable the machine really is.

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