The exterior dimensions of the Golf Sportsvan give it a more extended look than the Golf Plus; together with its completely new and sharply contoured styling, this gives it an independent and sophisticated look. With its taut body shapes and precisely drawn lines, the Sportsvan transfers the design quality of the new Golf to the class of compact minivans. The taller Golf Sportsvan also expresses dynamic proportions with its longer wheelbase, and the extremely prominent character
line also unites objectivity and elegance.
Interior designers of the Golf Sportsvan created an interior that is as high-end and stylistically sophisticated as it is clean and fresh. The dominant element here is the newly designed dashboard. Drivers of the current Golf or Golf Estate will find the instruments, central touchscreen of the centre console and controls to be familiar. Yet the design of the dashboard, in which all of these elements are embedded, was redesigned down to the last millimetre. This is also true for the door trim panels with integrated ambience lighting.

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