The Iriz is a creative endeavour based on the core design principles of Proportions, Surfacing, Posture and Detailing. These elements bear meaning to Proton’s design philosophy of Emotion of Form in Function which is essentially connecting the user with the design, engaging both mentally and emotionally. This leads to the Emotional Benefit known as Progressive Design; an idea of always moving forward, projecting modernity and excitement whilst appreciating perceived & haptic qualities.
The Iriz also further illustrates the evolution of Proton’s Design DNA. At the front the distinctive Proton Wings is a single, continuous graphical element linking both headlamps from left to right, encasing the signature bar and cradling the company logo. From the side the Dynamic Line acts as a purposeful swath of body side character linking the headlamps and rear combi lamps, giving surface ratio balance between glasshouse and sheet metal. Lastly the Connecting Element at the rear visually widens the car and links both rear combi lamps to complete the characteristic exterior design cues whilst also works to break expansive surfaces. Subtle but defined in precision, each line & surface in motion.

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