Aiming for a handsome looking with EV platform advantages, the Nissan LEAF realized driving dynamism and high quality feeling, in low & wide stance and a sleek proportion.
The philosophy behind the exterior design was to express clean and simple lines and a robust and sleek silhouette, creating the feeling of a high-tech device. The horizontal character line, the bumper and the striking highlights in the lower part of the body emphasize the lower center of gravity, giving the beholder an instinctive feeling that it’s agile and fun to drive.
The signature V-Motion grille, the “boomerang” light signature and the floating roof emphasize the presence of Nissan brand design.
The interior design achieved both of a warm comfortable spaciousness and a cool advanced look & feel of interface. Cabin features roominess and openness with the brand design language “Gliding Wing” used as a framework. The signature vibrant blue stitching, a hallmark of Nissan EVs, in the seats, door trim, armrest and steering wheel.

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