Launched in 2010 McLaren Automotive is a British manufacturer of luxury, high-performance sports cars. The 570S completes a 3 tier model strategy alongside the 650S and P1, using a carbonfibre chassis that is 150kg lighter than its closest rival. “Breath taking products that tell the visual story of their function” A supercar in the sports car segment. Clean lines and layered surfaces clearly show the way air flows over the car, channelling air around the cabin, over & through the bodywork. Balanced proportions combine fluid surfaces and bold features to deliver a final aerodynamic shape designed to optimise air flow management in, out and around the vehicle, such as the flying buttresses and intricate tendon like door design. At the rear, the sculpted rear fenders float over rear deck to aid heat evacuation. The trailing edge of the rear deck features an integrated fixed spoiler designed for an optimised balance of drag and downforce. Dihedral doors allow easy access in tight spaces compared to normal doors. The interior is simple and elegant with a feeling of airiness, it has a natural harmony with the exterior form. Visibility is impressive with a low cowl and optimised pillar

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