The all-new Mazda3 brings together the most advanced form yet of efficient Sustainable Zoom-Zoom driving fun and dynamic KODO design in the all-important C-segment. Uniting a smooth, refined ride fitting with the sporty, linear handling obligatory for a Mazda, this is the first Mazda3 to feature the full range of SKYACTIV technology. Both the sedan and hatchback have overall lengths, wheelbases and interior dimensions at or near the top of its segment. That translates into maximum comfort for driver and passengers alike. The all new Mazda3 also marks the debut of the company’s new interior, which is based on two contrasting cabin zones: a secure, purpose-built cockpit and a relaxed, open passenger environment. Special attention was also paid to the choice of materials as well as the workmanship. Both set a new standard for the compact class. It’s also the first Mazda with the company’s unique MZD Connect connectivity concept coupled with a new Human Machine Interface. The signature wing family face and body forms express vitality, strength and agility. With sophisticated performance-evoking style and rhythmical balance, KODO’s latest shapes immediately stir the onlooker.

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