Designing a car often revolves around creating a unique language of form that has to comply with standard requirements, yet finds sympathy with the target group. The design of the Kia pro_cee’d three-door compact car was conceived by starting from scratch. This lent the car its self-contained, athletic and concise look. This distinctive appearance emerges from a lowered roofline and powerful-looking hatch and rear end, creating a dynamic form that defines the entire body of the car. This lends the pro_cee’d its wedge-like profile, which is further enhanced by boldly curved flanks. The design concept of this compact car directly addresses the emotions of drivers, and is complemented by an array of high-quality features that also fascinate. Both the exterior and the interior boast design features that are usually reserved for other vehicle classes. The bold wheel arches of the pro_cee’d are filled with eye-catching multi-spoke lightweight alloy wheels. The interior showcases appealing high-quality soft-touch surfaces that are pleasing to the hand. This well-crafted compact car also provides a new kind of driving experience through highlights such as an intelligent parking and an innovative lane-departure warning system – both functions are impressively visualised by an on-board computer with LCD display.

Distinctive proportions

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