Staying true to the original 2013 concept, the Infiniti Q30 active compact is a new type of premium vehicle for a new type of consumer not willing to be defined by their choice of vehicle body type. The Q30 takes Infiniti’s signature design cues and evolves them into new dynamic shapes. The double-arch grille with 3D mesh, for example, has grown from the Q50, with a more fluid movement into the headlamps. The dramatic curves and turbulent lines flow up the double-wave bonnet, over the fenders and across the body line into the strong shoulder of the car. The signature C-pillar arcs forward in a dynamic crescent shape that emphasizes motion, even when stationary. Q30’s asymmetric interior design results in an environment focused on the driver, yet encompassing passengers in such a way as to involve and cater for them, more so than the traditionally isolating designs found in the premium segment. The QX30 combines the sleek lines of the Q30 with the more purposeful, crossover-inspired design execution, in-command stance of an all-wheel drive crossover, and offers an elevated ride height, confidence-inspiring handling, underpinned by an intelligent all-wheel drive system.

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