Incorporating Hyundai’s design philosophy, the new Avante shows a more refined exterior body surfacing, with simple but strong definition. The design concept of ‘Dynamic Precision’ is characterized through the sporting silhouette which depicts a flowing, dynamic side-view. The long wheelbase and 18” black chrome wheels provide a solid, balanced proportion and stance. The hexagonal-shaped grille, a key element of Hyundai’s design signature, is prominently featured at the front, with high-tech front lamps supporting the front-end design. Within the Interior, the design theme of the Avante has a horizontal layout, with instrument clusters facing the driver to provide a driver-orientated, focused layout. This horizontal layout of the overall interior design creates balanced and spacious visual image. Switches and operations are simple and intuitive, allowing drivers to operate all functions with ease. Surfaces of the interior crashpad are layered, with each layer showing distinctive structural movement.

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