Beast™ by RAD (Rezvani Automotive Designs) is an ultra light, extreme performance car made of carbon fiber and able to achieve 0-60 MPH in 2.7 seconds but costs less than traditional supercars. What make Beast unique is it was designed to show manufactures to share components to reduce costs and the environment, use additive manufacturing like 3D printing instead of wasteful reductive manufacturing and use light weight components. What makes the car even more unique is that it’s priced at a fraction of the price of similar vehicles at only $150K. Beast went from concept to fully drivable in less than 1 year! The reasons for such short time to production was 1) sharing modular components, 2) 3D printing 4) digital prototyping instead of by hand and 5) low cost carbon fiber techniques. The car was designed and engineered entirely on the computer. Beast is currently in production and being built in California. Beast was Designed by automotive designer Samir Sadikhov and manufactured by RAD in California. If mass produced, the price could come down lower to under $50K USD due to sharing modular components and it’s mechanical simplicity.

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