XAIRCRAFT P30 is a crop-spraying drone designed for plant protection applications. The system reduce 30% of chemical usage, 90% of water consumption, it is cost effective and environmental friendly.
Inherits XAIRCRAFT aesthetic DNA, P30 has a streamlined aerodynamic layout with enclosed avionics design.
Equipped with RTK Intelligent Flight Control system, and XAI Agricultural Intelligence Engine, P30 are able to fly and operate precisely, efficiently, stably, and fully autonomous. Build for efficiency, the sleek shape of the chemical container and the smart battery allows modules to be changed quickly in the field. The AI Technology provides the most suitable spraying scheme and fault prediction to reduce safety hazards in flight, leading the intelligence reform of precision spraying.
Carbon fibre and aluminum alloy airframe structure enables P30 to withstand adverse condition or rough handling. P30 has an IP65 protection rating, allows the aircraft to be washed, reducing the chance of external corrosion and risk of pesticide exposure, thereby extending the equipment lifespan.
Advanced technologies plus prospective appearance design, P30 is smart, agile and precise.

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