The TUNDRA is born from a set of characteristics specified by customers working in a wide range of activities (industry, military, firefighter, rescue, agriculture…). We wished an UAV adapted to the customers instead of an UAV dedicated to an usage like most of the current drones. The TUNDRA is the first fully modular drone, smart and connected, non-proprietary and based on a continuous improvement process . Its two main innovations are the possibility of interchanging a range of different kind of arms to change its flight characteristics and the ability to mount up to three accessories at the same time on its rugged body (cameras , scientific equipment, light panel…).The arms are entirely removable very quickly with our patented system which makes our drone transportable with a greatly simplified after-sales service (the user can repair it himself). Its sturdiness is not just a feeling triggered by its sharp angled design since this drone is resistant to the rudest worse weather conditions (IP55 body with internal climatic regulation). Equipped with a fully integrated automatic release parachute, this UAV will never let you down.

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