Zodiac Electrical Inserts US is a recognized innovator with over 60 years of proven excellence in the aerospace industry. With the new Symphony™ suite of electrical inserts, we are prepared to reach new heights in aesthetics, functionality and catering performance for the commercial airline galley. We have designed the Symphony’s main visible surface to emulate the elegance of high-end consumer kitchen appliances and added customizable graphic panels to tailor any airline’s specific needs. As for the functionality of the equipment, we ensured that the Symphony’s robust technical structure will be able to withstand years of hard, continuous operational service.

The Symphony suite was truly created with the cabin crew in mind. We have addressed all of their major needs which are high-functioning catering operation, a safer cabin environment and more importantly a uniform user-friendly interface. In addition, we understood that the two most prevalent requests from our airline partners on electrical inserts are lowering the weight of the equipment while maximizing the equipment’s reliability.

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