Lufthansa´s new Premium Economy Class offers a whole new travel experience to its passengers. More personal space, additional comfort items and more service enhance their stay on-board. The tableware is part of this new concept and was devised for the specially developed seat with own armrest and fold-out table.
All items are made of china instead of plastic which is normally used for the economy class tableware to underline the high quality standard of the new comfort class. The shape of the tableware perfectly matches with already existing items such as metal cutlery and glasses. The item sizes are modular designed so that the tableware fits all different tray sizes. All parts are optimized for industrial dishwashers and are easy to clean.

The design itself is pure and modern. The round edges indicate that space is generously treated and there is no need for sheer functionality. Still all items are well-matched and every inch on the tray is perfectly utilized. The tapered form of the bowls and cups additionally emphasize the unobtrusive elegance. The passenger’s impression is intended to be that of dining in a restaurant rather than in an aircraft.

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