The new Lufthansa Premium Economy seats differ from those of the standard Economy class thanks to increased row spacing and seat width as well as various features and storage possibilities.

The design reflects and elaborates on Lufthansa’s design idiom. With their look and feel, the seats bridge the gap between Economy and Business. The broad backrest visualizes comfort and offers privacy. The design highlights the premium quality and attention to detail. The materials used and their execution take account of production, cleaning and maintenance requirements.

Ergonomically optimized cushioning and the combined adjustment of the seat and the backrest ensure fatigue-free comfort for passengers of different sizes on long flights. For example, the front edge of the seat cushion is made from visco-elastic foam, which prevents blood vessels in the back of the knee from being pinched. All parts which passengers come into contact with are padded and upholstered with woolen fabric or leather. This avoids skin contact with cold hard materials.

The individual passenger experiences the seat as “my” living space in which the greatest possible individuality is achieved.

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