Lufthansa’s long haul Business Class seat and cabin, hinges on combining two places to form a single unit. The seats and beds of which are arranged in a V-shaped layout making the seats more compact, the cabin more spacious and giving greater aisle space aiding mobility. Passengers benefit from more privacy and can convert their seat into a totally flat bed with a virtually infinite range of positions. Additional comfort is delivered via the pneumatic cushion system which is all controlled by a bespoke PCU. Storage space is found in the back of the seats and the central console, which serves to separate the two seats containing the bi-fold table. Passenger facing, the rear seat shell is covered with soft, synthetic leather bringing a warm brown to Lufthansa cabins for the first time, creating a cosier atmosphere offset by new silver/grey upholstery. All the materials are designed for durability and the outer shell surface is constructed with easily removable silver panels for repair. The angle and functionality are both variable, making the seat suitable for different aircrafts, thus helping the airline achieve a more consistent visual identity with exceptional passenger count.

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