The production retrofit A320 cabin interior, featuring the Clamshell Smartbin and PaxPod is now in service with Delta Airlines. Launched to allow airlines to improve the passenger experience as they also add seats, it challenges the architecture used on all commercial aircraft and brings major benefits – Modern and spacious look – 60% increase in baggage capacity for faster boarding and carry-on bags for all – Reduced Weight & Cost – Plug & play retrofit With multiple patents in the US alone, the interior has two 2 key enabling technologies at its core: 1 Clamshell Bin – Eliminates redundant walls in today’s pivot bins, resulting in a 12% increase in volume and saving 200lbs per aircraft – Turns bags on edge, further increasing luggage capacity and has since been copied by the major OEMs 2 PaxPod All of today’s aircraft utilize continuous longitudinal wash lighting and feature utilitarian PSU’s. PaxPod breaks this mold. Continuous lighting is replaced with multi-functional luminaires located over each seat row. For the first time, this key feature aligns with the passengers, not the airframe. Air outlets, reading lights and signage are combined into one elegant touchpoint

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