GuideU Curved CustomFit: Leading the way in customized style

With Curved CustomFit the highest demands of designers are reached while on the same time the safety requirements of aviation authorities concerning emergency floor path markings are fulfilled. Curved CustomFit is the combination of the by Lufthansa Technik patented curved photoluminescent light strips and the fully customized lights strips in the design of the floor covering. This innovation was developed in order to integrate the light strip in the design of the floor covering like non-textile-floor or carpet pattern. The effect is outstanding: perfectly blending with the carpet in form, colour and structure, the strip now virtually disappears during day light. The innovative production process includes a digital printing process, therefore customers can be sure that nearly every design or layout variation is possible and can be integrated into the cabin interior. GuideU hides from view during daylight, but perfectly shows the floor path outline in the dark. Although GuideU was developed for use in aircrafts, the Floor Path Marking System can be used in any surroundings, where emergeny path markings are needed.

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