New: GuideU ColourCurve by Lufthansa Technik

“Luminescent strips will guide you to the nearest exit,” a familiar quotation as it is part of the security instruction prior to most flights. GuideU ColourCurve is the lightest non-electrical floor path marking system (FPMS) worldwide and the only one that can be shaped in any line adjusted to the interior design.

Ever since the systems form follows its functionality.
For almost 20 years there was only a demand for straight strips. With the development of welcome- and bar areas in aircraft cabins and flowing aircraft design shapes, GuideU had to be refined. 2013 Lufthansa Technik launched the first and only FPMS that can even follow the form of the most unusual cabin layout.

The variable curvature and a number of colour shades give interior designers much more creative leeway. luminescent strips can be integrated seemingly invisible into the cabin design, but in the dark they safely lead the way to the exits. ColourCurve is the ideal solution for Airlines who think outside the box, as well as for designers who know, that not every part of a cabin has to be arranged in a row.

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