The LATEST generation for recline systems in passenger seats, ERMS®, stands for “Easy Release Modular System” and is an electronic System to release a gas spring with actuating force as of 2 – 5 N and a weight of 54 g (+ cable and push button) only. All recline systems can be switched off centrally, which increases safety during take-off and landing. ERMS® is dirt resistant by use of PIEZO switches. By use of ERMS® and elimination of XXL seat rows, more seats can be installed in exit areas, which means fast amortization. The armrest framework could be reduced for weight saving by use of small PIEZO switches with low mounting depth. The ERMS® release unit provides small dimensions as of Ø 15 mm x 61 mm length only. Backrest recline into home position with one keystroke only (aircraft cleaning). ERMS® tested and applicable with gas springs up to 800 N, therefore shorter levers, smaller gas spring stroke length (shorter piston rod), high locking force and thinner and shorter pressure tubs, result: massive saving of weigh. Significant reduction in fuel consumption.

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