The economy class seat CL3710 incorporates numerous solutions that exemplify ingenious design by RECARO. From RECARO’s point of view, multiple aspects contribute to comfortable economy class seating. That’s why the designers took each detail into account.

For instance, the multi-function bridge permits numerous configurations of features in a single component. Thanks to a new release mechanism the table can be opened intuitively with one hand. The new headrest can be better adapted ergonomically to individual passengers, and easily set to accommodate their differing heights. A major step forward in terms of ergonomics and comfort is the extra neck support never seen before. The smartly shaped armrests offer optimized hip space. And even in recline the center armrests remain completely flush.

The CL3710 offers maximum shin clearance. This is a result of features such as the high literature pocket. In addition, the seat structure’s rear beam position has been optimized. This combined with the intelligent solution of positioning the Inflight Entertainment System box in a space-saving pancake construction under the seat pan, results in an exceptional amount of passenger legroom.

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