Chinese Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Disaster Emergency is the first civil UAV for aerial photography that flies steadily at the height of over 6000m and has created many First-in-China achievements. Its aerial photography work of natural disasters, e.g. Yushu Earthquake and Zhouqu Mudslide, timely offered reliable image data for disaster relief and filled the gap of Chinese small UAV in disaster prevention and safety monitoring, and got gold award of MIIT China Excellent Industrial Design issued by national ministry in China.
This UAV has great overall shaping and structural design. Accurate surface modeling of blend-wing-body with “double tail” architectural design makes its appearance smooth and highly complies with aerodynamics; Twin-Screw Structure, with 2 airscrews rotating simultaneously making more smooth airflow, maximizes flying stability and super-low-altitude flying ability. Meanwhile, it’s equipped with high performance engine to rise rapidly when meeting the airflow steep slope and ensure flight safety. With a spherical camera positioned underneath, this UAV offers clear and reliable data for timely disaster relief and saves countless lives and state property.

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