The brand new China Airlines Premium Business Class took on a new approach by applying Song Dynasty ( one of the most culturally vibrant era ) aesthetics with latest technologies to create a fusion between traditional elements & modernized amenities.The concept of “Back to Nature” is the backbone of the project and the essence of it rely on the “Song Dynasty Aesthetics”, one of the most culturally vibrant eras. The two-year-long endeavor is joined by B/E Aerospace, Boeing, AIM Aviation and China Airlines’ own task team, which comprised workshops, interview with industry leaders, and prototyping sessions with frequent business class flyers, pushing the boundaries of design, and turning the ideas and concepts into reality.The New Premium Class consists of customized B/E Super Diamond seats, tailor-made leisure space in Sky Lounge, artistry like Lavatory, unique Mood Lighting, contemporary yet elegant dining ware & knitwear etc., with unparalleled comfort and bold aesthetics governing the overall design, the new China Airlines Premium Business Class are sure to give guests an enjoyable and memorable journey.

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