The Blackwing sport aircraft is the result of combining state of the art materials and design with over 20 years of research in high performance dynamics. The sweeping lines of the geometry are based on hundreds of hours of simulations and windtunnel testing. The reviews of the aircraft, by international press, all confirm the highly set design goals. Using “Textreme” an extremely strong and lightweight swedish carbon fibre ensures superb quality for safety and low weight. The weave is also part of the exterior image. It is visible under wings and fuselage. The predictable flight characteristics make the aircraft just as suitable for basic flight training as for advanced aerobatics. An innovative low-cut canopy offers excellent view and makes it easier to enter the aircraft. The spacious interior features ergonomically designed lightweight carbon fibre seats with adjustable positions and a large luggage compartment. An easy to survey glass panel instrumentation with touch interface adds extra safety to fully enjoy the ride. Both wings and the horizontal tail are detachable for easy transportation.

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