Award winning MAG Design Studio, a division of MAG based in Rome, has styled the next generation in VIP helicopter interiors for the Bell 525.
Clients will have the ability to transform their Bell 525 into a luxurious flying limousine: a variety of configurations are available, including an unlimited array of color combinations and moods. Cabinetry, consoles and seat options are all customizable. All design, production and installation of the helicopter interior is by MAG.
Behind the Italian style is a wide range of advanced technology. The Bell 525 is equipped with MAG’s own noise abatement system (SILENS) and MAG’s In-Flight Entertainment and CMS lounge (IFEEL).
Electro-chromatic dimmable windows, audio, videos, moving maps, privacy window and mood lighting: all is controlled from the touch of a smart device – even by the smart watch. Other amenities enrich the flying experience: soft touch activated reading lights, or state of the art cabin speakers. The Near-Field Communication (NFC) recognizes the passenger’s position in the helicopter if the smart device is placed near the sensors. It will automatically connect the passenger’s smart device to IFE and Wi-Fi.

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