Asiana’s Business Class refines passenger experience, delivering a quality environment that reinforces the airline’s gentle yet persuasive brand. Heavily customised Solstys seats improve comfort, look and function. The back shell is raised in height, giving confidence to the form, and seat wings enlarged for privacy. A unique deco film, made using a duel print process, gives seats a dynamic expression and the practical benefit of a single surface. The seats armrest mechanism automatically drops both arms as the seat reclines to create a seamless transition into the lie-flat position, providing comfort in all positions and an extra 3” bed width. Storage consoles and cocktail tables are redefined, improving organisation and access to amenities. Meal trays, previously sitting proud of the seat shell with a prominent hinge, are recessed to sit flush for a clean look. Asiana’s sensitive, personable corporate philosophy inspires the colour, material & finish; warm grey and champagne tones encapsulate a contemporary, international interpretation of Korean culture. The design language is simple and understated, delicate details impress upon passengers, creating a calm, restful atmosphere.

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