Cybaero APID60 is a series of professional UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) designed to autonomously fly long distances in tough conditions, performing important missions. To meet each mission’s requirements they can be customized through modular instruments e.g. IR camera, laser scanner and biochemical sensors.
RESCUE finds missing people in remote areas, where it quickly and safely collects live information, increasing the overview for rescue workers, even when weather limits manned flight.
RANGER inspects civil contexts, e.g. forest status, power-lines, crop growth and traffic conditions.
PATROL monitors risk zones, e.g. land mine detection, convoy security, and coastguard reconnaissance.
The coordinated design builds brand identity, while highlighting individual features/colours adapted to specified application areas.
Secure handling in bad weather conditions for operators has been in focus featuring easy access to control panels and minimized size and weight of hatches.
The aerodynamic shape and lightweight carbon fiber construction reduces fuel consumption and boosts flight time.

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