With the Océ Colorado 1640, Océ is entering a new market. To position the brand a new packaging design style was developed.
The photo sensitive ink can be released only after installation. The ingredients of the ink necessitate specific label regulations. As the information exceeds available label space and the fact that not all is required for everyday use, selected information is placed on the rear so it’s not visible once installed. Label tackiness of is reduced to enable convenient access to translations on the inside in compliance with safety regulations.

The main face, one third of the bottle’s circumference, clearly stages product color, -marking, -name and descent. 
The color marking consists of a line symbolising the transition of ink in information, the latter by means of the colour key letter. Set in Oranda, specifically designed for Océ by Gerard Unger, a slab-serif Egyptian embodying another innovation in the history of print.
Accomplishing cost effectiveness, the geometry of the bottle interior is shaped to leave as little residue as possible. To avoid mishap the bottle is equipped with an RFID chip, so the system knows exactly which bottle was installed.

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