The theme of the goods is interpreted by the form of handed paintings and its simple and elegant disposal of color delivers the initial intention and mission of the brand being devoted to the organic cultivation. ” The four images: a tree frog moving with the ripples, the trail of a leopard cat appearing in the forest, a black bear strolling along the valley, a spotted deer exploring in the raining, are placed in order from left to right to present a complete map of Taiwan. ” When they are separated, each image represents its characteristic of species and living environment. The two sides of the inner box are the illustrations of humane industries and landscape sceneries which respond to the brand’s devotion to cherish the earth and friendly cultivation. The simple design makes the goods be able to be spread out and placed flatly before molding, which makes it convenient for transportation and storage operation. The idea of packages being able tasted instantly can enable the foreign tourists to choose the goods as one selection of their souvenirs when visiting to Taiwan.

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