Sunday Folks is an independent artisanal dessert place famed for their freshly churned ice cream. In December 2016, they decided to foray into the handmade sweets and chocolates market which they were already making in their shops, but only as toppings for their ice creams. The challenge was to help the client convince the customers that the side show of the main product could actually stand alone while also making the sweets desirable as gifts for buyers during the competitive festive period. Our approach was to create a secondary identity “The Sweets of Sunday Folks”. We wanted the consumers to associate the same handcrafted quality that goes into the making of the sweets as with their ice creams, which has already a strong and loyal following and proved to be popular among the customers resulting in a sales of more than SGD 35,000 in a single month and a reprint, in less than 2 weeks of the launch.

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