THE WORLD SMARTEST MOBILE CHARGING AND STORAGE STATION! Maximize your mobile experience, Save it, Charge it, and Get Organized! The Xpress-PRO charges your mobile devices to make it stay keep you connected all day, and it provides enough storage capacity for you to back up a great deal of data, even more than that a laptop computer. It’s a common scene at the airport. A large group of travelers surrounding one of the few airport outlets that provides the opportunity to plug in their mobile device and charge it. Inevitably, a few of them may be lucky enough to give their device a little juice, while the others walk away with nothing but a dead mobile device. Of course, it is even more frustrating when your device memory is filled up with pictures, video, music files and email data that are just out of memory space. Yes, you can easily delete them, but your decision won’t be quite concluded immediately, either which one should be kept or which one should go away. The simple, yet powerful BRICWAVE Xpress-PRO eliminates growing frustration in one compact format. It integrates its “High Capacity Memory”, “High-output Battery” and “Built-in Cable” into a single product.

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