SQUAIR is a Japanese brand of iPhone cases.
The back of The Slit features a construction slit design, carved from a lump of extra super duralumin using a 5-axis cutting machine. The gaps between the slits have been cut at different angles by changing the position of the blade during each cut.
Once the slits have been carved using a high-performance cutting machine and high-grade programming, artisans work to create a finish that can only be achieved by hand. Each product is then carefully finished and stamped with a serial number.
Even though the case is completely made of metal, no screws are used in its construction. This case has been designed to be easily affixed onto an iPhone, with the same ease as you would when taking a Japanese sword out of its scabbard – hence the name of its design “batto,” the Japanese word for drawing a sword. As you attach this case onto your device, you will see that they blend together into one single body – this is a product that could be considered “the absolute latest in traditional industrial art”, and which truly represents the essence of superb manufacturing quality in Japan.

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