The SmartWind® is a unique accessory for the iPhone 4/4S, which elegantly combines the shape and three functions.

The clear and attractive design, coupled with three useful functions, make the SmartWind® an essential companion.

1. The cable winding system makes storing your original earphones child’s play. After use, simply wind up the cable with the turn handle: Then your earphones are always readily available – without any tangled cables or annoying knots. Of course, all controls and functions are easy to operate; and the SmartWind® does not disturb the flash or camera function. The images in the enclosed booklet clearly explain how you use the earphones with the SmartWind®. Or watch our video:

2. The integrated bumper completely surrounds and protects your valuable iPhone against scratches and damage. And as expected from a good bumper, the SmartWind® improves telephone reception.

3. You can set your iPhone horizontally on the stand and enjoy movies and photos at the best angle.

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