Three functions, one brilliant piece!

No more digging in your pocket for your earphones, no
more tangled cable, no more cable breaking!
SmartWind combines your smartphone and earphones
into one unit, so that your earphones are always neatly
and securely stored directly on your device. When you
want to listen to music, you can quickly pull out the cable
to precisely the length you need. At the same time, the
SmartWind functions as a bumper that protects your
smartphone and as a stand-up display so that you can
conveniently view photos and videos. Of course, all controls
and functions can still be easily used.

> Reel in. Everything tidy: Wind up the cable
with the turn handle – so your earphones
are both tidied away and always at hand.
> Protect. Everything safe: The integrated
bumper safeguards your smartphone
from damage and scratches.
> Arrange. Well placed: Put your smartphone
horizontally and watch movies or photos
at the best angle.

SmartWind is available in many of the latest colours, with
a metallic look or traditional in black or white.

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