With the continued rise in smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, fitness tracker, and backup battery sales, the average consumer is overwhelmed by the space and power requirements of all their devices. Enter the Sandman. The Sandman Clock is a modern take on the often overlooked alarm clock. The integrated USB ports and cable management allow the user to charge up to four devices at once while hiding the clutter. The visual interface features larger than usual 1.8” LED digits that are red. The red color prevents harm to your night vision and a light sensor automatically ensures that the clock won’t blind you during the night and is visible from across the room during the day. The clock itself works in both 12 hour and 24 hour time modes and has an integrated alarm clock with a snooze button and battery backup. It’s neutral design and small footprint allow the Sandman to fit into many different decors. It works well on a bedroom nightstand, office desk, living room side table, and kitchen counter to name a few. The interface is minimal and simple to use. In short, the Sandman Clock is a simple and universal product that works well for its users.

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