PQI’s pqireader bridges the gap between iPhone / iPad and other devices (such as sports camera, unmanned aerial vehicle, dash camera, video camera, etc.). Devices often contain volumes of multimedia files taking up storage space just to be never looked at again. You can now inject new life into your videos with pqireader’s proprietary application software that has a complete post editing function. Just plug it in and you can access the devices’ recordings on your iPhone / iPad to edit your favorite videos (add music, subtitles, etc.) and you don’t even need internet access. Revive your long-overdue video and upload it onto Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to share with friends and family. Certified by Apple, you may restore through the quick backup button to backup up to 1000 photos in about 5 minutes and free up storage space. The pqireader also uses biometric scanners, via your fingerprint for ultimate data protection and privacy.

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