The Power+Shell Ex Rechargeable Battery Case with kickstand for iPhone 6 with Kickstand gives you portable power on demand in a slim, protective case for your iPhone 6. It comes with a high capacity 3000 mAh battery that provides a full complete charge to your iPhone. The quick charge technology delivers extra power in addition to your iPhone 6’s battery life, and lets you enjoy movies, music, phone call, internet surfing and more while charging quickly. With the capability to charge and protect your phone simultaneously, the Power+Shell EX is your ultimate iPhone 6 battery case for leisure, travel & business.

Simply put on the case for the iPhone 6 and users can watch videos and enjoy any movies hands-free with the built-in kickstand, which can be folded out and support the iPhone 6 at an angle giving an optimal view of the display.

The Power+Shell Ex for iPhone 6 has sufficient power to fully charge the iPhone 6 one time. With one charge, the case gives your iPhone 6 an extra of 14 hours talking time, 11 hours video play, 50 hours of music play, 10 hours of internet usage and 250 hours of standby time.

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