With ever-increasing numbers of mobile devices being used in the most remote locations on Earth, Powertraveller has developed a world-first in off-grid power generation. The powermonkey expedition is a revolution in portable charging technology, bringing together multiple ways in which to naturally, yet efficiently generate power.
You can charge the 10,500mAh lithium polymer battery in five ways; via AC mains, hand crank, wind, solar or water power. The state-of-the-art technology packed into the unit also allows dual charging of the battery via wind and solar power simultaneously, resulting in a full recharge in 5-8 hours in optimum conditions.
The powermonkey expedition has two output channels; a 12V DC output and a 5V USB output. You can charge devices from both outputs simultaneously, whilst charging the internal battery, giving you the freedom to keep working.
The anodised, aluminium casing is ridged to provide a secure grip and is rugged yet small enough to be stowed in your backpack, weighing just 1.8kg. The powermonkey expedition epitomises true off-grid power and ensures your essential devices can always be charged, wherever you are.

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