Background: Market researches have shown that many consumers are not satisfied with some of their smartphone specifications, such as the sound effect or battery life. Function: This high-tech phone accessory can firstly be used as a portable power supply for cellphones, but also enable users to receive and make phone calls whenever needed. The headset will be charged automatically when clipped with the Power Bank. This ingenious design also prevents customers from losing this innovative earphone. Key Tech.: 1 Bluetooth stereo power structure principle; 2 on the basis of mobile power supply, development and design to join the function of Bluetooth transmission; 3 capacitive touch operation function; 4 homemade Hi-Fi stereo sound speaker amplifier function. Innovation point: This Bluetooth headset power bank device stands out from the competition by offering two key functions for mobile phone in one simple product, thus taking customers’ cellular phone experience one step further. Spec: Output: 1.8A 5V Input: 1.5A 5V Capacity: 3 Li-ion Battery 18650 6600MAH Extra Function:LED Light Display with BLUE TOOTH FUNCTION 4.0 Charging time:5-8 hrs

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