Palmo is an ultralight anti-shock fall-prevention iPhone case specifically designed for reducing smartphone disabilities such as “text neck”, “text thumb” and finger distortions. Its ergonomic design and flexible silicone material allow a finger to be gripped between the phone and the case, which not only prevent the phone to fall off a palm, but also provide improved stability with better single-hand control and reduce unconscious stress for dropping the phone. Its intuitive design requires no manual, and its minimalistic X-Form design efficiently dissipates heat off the phone while it effectively protects the corners of the phone. It has been tested by a third party laboratory (Institute of Sport, Senshu Univ. – Tokyo, Japan) for reducing smartphone disabilities and the psychological stress, and validated performance by the US Military for its shock/drop resistance (MIL-STD-810G). For its visually and sensually smooth design, Palmo has won Japan’s notable design award (GOOD DESIGN AWARDS 2015) and has been sold over 100K units mainly in Japan and other parts of the world. As silicone is recyclable, the defective products are recycled and resold as a new product.

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