Oticon ConnectClip turns Oticon Opn hearing aids into a wireless stereo headset to deliver all the benefits of a hands-free experience. Users can enjoy a greater ability to multitask while staying engaged in other activities, such as cooking dinner during a call, taking notes in a lecture or listening to music while exercising. With a sleek and simplistic Nordic inspired design, ConnectClip is both modern and inconspicuous, ready for integration into a collection of stylish tech gadgets.

Using low energy Bluetooth, users can connect to and stream high-quality audio directly from Bluetooth-enabled devices, and because the sound is delivered to both ears, can enjoy richer stereo sound to hear more details. A wireless Bluetooth microphone and headset in one, ConnectClip captures sounds and includes remote microphone functionality so that Opn users can hand the small, discreet device to a speaker and then hear their voice directly in their hearing aids without being disturbed by surrounding noises i.e. students seated at a distance from a teacher.

ConnectClip can be used as a headset for many Bluetooth-enabled devices including iPhone® and Android smartphones, tablets and PCs.

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