The Mu System is the World’s Thinnest International Charger; The slim-line, 2.4 Amp Single USB charger is able to power all of your USB devices, including Tablet, Smartphone and MP3 players – all over the world. The System Consists of two components: a USB power block connector and separate plug head attachments suitable for worldwide socket types: The Brit- UK plug size reduced by over 70% using patented PVT technology The American- Fold-away pins, plugs flat against the socket The European- Bi Directional 90-degree rotation The Aussie- Super-slim for down under The Mu System power block has an embedded auto-detect chip, enabling the Mu to identify the connected device, delivering optimum charge. The brainchild of Min-Kyu Choi, he tackled the issue of the sizeable UK plug. Joining forces with Matthew Judkins, the original sketches were developed; with the Mu UK range released in 2012, an instant hit with design and gadget enthusiasts. Since then, Min-Kyu and Matthew have been thinking about making the UK Mu international. The resulting Mu system was placed on Indiegogo in 2015, raising over 1000% of the original funding target, the System being as much of a hit as the original.

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