MovieMask is your own personal movie theatre. Unique lenses developed in Norway gives us a huge competitive advantage over traditional VR-glasses when watching 2D-movies.

VR is great at 3D, MovieMask rocks in 2D!

Since VR-glasses have to split the screen in two separate images, it makes it cumbersome to access your favorite content and at resolution up to 4 times lower than in MovieMask. Where VR is creating a new type of content, MovieMask is simply enhancing the experience of your current content.

If you have a movie or tv-series on your phone today, you can have an OK experience viewing it on your 4 inch display. With MovieMask, and its lenses, your get the perceived feeling of sitting in front of a 100 inch screen at 3 meters with no distractions from your surroundings.

As MovieMask wants to stand out from the VR-crowd where the usual suspects has a black plastic housing and non-intuitive buttons, the designer has chosen to use thermoformed fabric to erase the line between clothes and technology. We wanted to show the world that technological innovation can be both analog and soft.

With MovieMask, your plane and train ticket is now a front-row cinema ticket!

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