Motorola Roadster Pro is the world’s first 4mic in-car speakerphone, ideal for drivers seeking an upgrade to a premium hands-free & voice-powered calling experience.
Utilizing dual speakers, Roadster Pro features an elongated sound bar design that’s unique to the market. Inspired by home theater systems, the custom layout provides a true stereo sound experience, yet still fits comfortably on standard visors.
Roadster Pro is designed to be an intuitive and safe experience. A dual-shot housing construction results in large, tactile keys that users can navigate without looking, ensuring that attention remains on the road. By minimizing part splits, this integrated construction also creates a clean aesthetic that is free of visual distractions. Less used keys are moved to the rear of the device to minimize confusion & errors. Automatically lit up in dark settings, the icons are designed with easy-to-see and intuitive lighting patterns.
Tailored to blend in, the device features neutral colors & premium materials that compliment car interiors. With the latest technology, superior audio quality, and user-friendly design, the Roadster Pro ensures that the driver is always in control.

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