By simply attaching the 360 Camera Mod to a Moto Z phone, users are able to shoot, edit, and share wide angle images and interactive, 4k 360° videos with immersive 3D sound.

360 content now dominates on social media, and the 360 Camera Mod allows users to seamlessly share and livestream on popular networks. And because the camera is integrated with the Moto Z, users can edit and access their content immediately without Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections.

Through extensive user research, Motorola worked to overcome challenges of standalone 360 cameras, such as the amount of equipment and time it takes to edit and upload content. This research was also used to create a UI that makes it easy to preview, capture, edit, and instantly share content.

The 360 Camera Mod boasts two 13MP wide angle cameras, four microphones, and onboard processors. It’s also the only consumer grade camera with directional audio cues that let users hear sound from every direction. The 360 Camera Mod also produces higher quality images than competing devices through a unique design that allows for exceptional native sharpness at the edges of the lenses, ensuring clarity across the entire image.

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