MEEM is a patented charger cable that automatically backs up the data on your phone or tablet onto the cable itself every time you charge your device’s battery. For iOS and Android.
All your precious memories remain under your physical control: safe at home or office and inaccessible to hackers.
No need for a PC. You never need a cloud, or even the internet. You never pay any subscription fees.
With MEEM you can easily back up all your contacts, calendar, messages, photos, videos and music.
Use MEEM to seamlessly restore data to the same state as your last backup, or upgrade to a new phone – including upgrades from Symbian to Android, or Blackberry to Android.
MEEM allows you to selectively sync important data between different devices.
MEEM is a premium product. Made from the highest quality materials and built to exacting standards, it is water-resistant and virtually crush-proof.
The design features a slim, sleek Housing which is seamlessly blended into the flexible, ergonomic phone-connector. The distinctive, intuitive shape falls confidently into the user’s hand – reinforcing the sense of security of having “physical control” over your important data.

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