There are as many docking stations as grains of sand on the shore, but most of them share a common thing: a problem with the handling. Most docks made from plastic or aluminium are not very individual and also, with their light weight contribute to the fact that users at least when undocking their phone, have to use both hands. This disturbed us as well and so at hardwrk we now have the solution: the Massive Dock for iPhone 5 (5, 5s, 5c). Made from concrete in proper style one hand usage of the iPhone dock is child’s play.

One hand free: the Massive Dock by hardwrk

The Massive Dock combines the extremely durable raw material concrete with a timeless and cleverly devised design. Thanks to a special micro suction surface the Massive Dock sticks to any flat surface without glue. This way it stays put where it belongs – on your desk.

570 gram concrete – real handcraft all of a piece

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